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Expand Your Horizons with Equipment Financing and Working Capital

When you are ready to purchase the equipment your business needs to increase productivity and keep up with demand, Apex Capital is ready with several different programs and options to fit your specific needs.

When your business needs additional cash to keep growing, Apex Capital is ready to be your finance partner with our Cash Plus Working Capital program.  

And, we’ll handle the details of the financing for you so you can get back to serving your own customers.

Apex Capital Group offers financing options so you can reach what you see on the horizon, and beyond.

Equipment Financing

When planning your next major equipment purchase, Apex Capital offers superior terms, substantial tax savings, and the ability to conserve capital for more immediate needs. Our financing options allow you to buy the equipment your business needs.

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Working Capital

 If you have additional expenses, such as electrical upgrades, rigging, or raw materials, use our Cash Plus Working Capital program to help cover those extra expenses, enabling you to address all your needs in one easy monthly payment.

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Are You in One of These Industries?

Our team members specialize in different industries. We take the time to educate ourselves on how the many different types of equipment can impact your business. We believe it’s important to have a financing partner with an understanding of your industry. One you can depend on and trust.

Let’s put that knowledge to work for you. Some of the industries we serve:

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Let us put that knowledge to work for you if you’re in any of the following industries:

Don’t Wait to Get Financing for Your Business

We’re happy to preview your upcoming financing needs and let you know what is needed to apply and what the current rates are.

Let’s talk about how financing can help you obtain the equipment you need. We’ll also discuss the tax benefits you’ll enjoy. Let’s get started today!

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