Elevate Your Automotive & Truck Service Business with Equipment Financing

When New Automotive and Truck Service and Repair Equipment is Needed, You Can Rely on Apex Capital Group’s Industry Know-How. We’ll Help You Get the Equipment and the Working Capital You Need to Succeed.

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Take Advantage of Everything Apex Capital Group Has to Offer

Many automotive and truck service businesses come to us for their Equipment Financing and Working Capital needs—and they do it for the benefits we offer. Not only have we been providing financing for this sector for over 25 years, but we can also provide the following:

Are you ready to see what a new lift, diagnostic equipment, DPF cleaning equipment/replacement, or other piece of service equipment can do for your business? And wouldn’t it be great to start thinking about how to enhance your business with the additional Working Capital you’ll receive?

The Automotive Service Industry is Just One of Many We Serve

At Apex Capital Group, we specialize in financing so we can deliver intense focus on what matters most to you. The industries we serve include the automotive/truck service sector, as well as…

Are you ready to talk about how financing can put your automotive and truck service and repair business on the map? Or help you expand into new areas and grow your customer base? We have the answers that will help you succeed. Book a consultation with an Apex team member who knows your industry now.

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Offer Financing to Grow Your Automotive Service Business

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